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Later, she told Andrew the reason why she couldn’t marry Alex was because she was already married to an abusive man and feared if she filed for divorce, he would find her. Alex didn’t know this because she worried about him going after her abusive ex. Alex walked into the loft and found Jo giggling while half-naked and DeLuca on top of her in bed. However on that very day, he found out from the Chief that he failed his medical board exams. This caused him to suffer from a crisis of confidence, leading him to treat her shabbily during their date. His confidence took another blow when he froze up during a makeshift emergency surgery in an elevator during a power outage, and George had to operate on the patient himself.

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Paul Castello pointed out she seemed pretty cavalier about the law in both her professional and personal life. Meredith then saved Alex from having to answer by lashing out at Paul, the man who had killed Derek, for not remembering her and thus not having the right to judge her. The judge wanted to postpone the hearing but Alex loudly objected.

One night, Lexie went to his hotel room, stripped and says “teach me”, they began a secret relationship. They grew close very quickly and Mark developed true feelings for her, but Lexie was tired of the secrecy and put their relationship on hold. Their relationship hit a small bump when Mark decided he did not want to go to dinner with her and Thatcher because fathers didn’t like him, but in the end, he went.

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Alex and Morgan got close, but Arizona scared Alex off of Morgan by telling Alex that Morgan was into him. He almost missed his flight to San Francisco to take his boards because he was taking care of Tommy. He then flew back to Seattle the night before his boards to take care of Tommy and helped Morgan when Tommy died. Their wedding ceremony was held on a ferryboat and was officiated by Meredith. They hit a bit of a rocky patch when Alex’s dad came into the hospital from a car crash related to drugs.

Before she came back to Seattle, Ava had developed a borderline personality disorder. A part of this disorder was that she had forgotten that she already had a baby. Alex took care of her during her second stint in Seattle, but he couldn’t prevent Ava’s suicide attempt. Alex found her in Meredith’s kitchen and took her to the ER, where she was treated by Izzie. At first, Alex wouldn’t allow that and told Izzie that she was “only going through a bad patch”, and that he could take care of her.

Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen’s romance started with a rocky meeting in a hospital that has since culminated into a highlight of Supergirl’sfinal season. In the opening scene, Phil and Claire have an “interview” where they give the news that Walt has died. Phil and Claire break the news to Luke, however, Luke says that he is OK, and just wants to get back to his videogame. Later on Phil and Claire see Luke go into Walters’ house, and think he’s saying goodbye to his house and spirit.

Like Alex had hoped, the patient was happy to have his bleb removed and wouldn’t report it. While heading home, Alex and Jo ran into Link, who apparently knew Jo from her past life as Brooke. Years later, Alex met his father again at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after James was admitted to the ER.

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In the end, Walt stops by the Dunphy house and gives them Onions from his garden, he then tells them he used to be a fireman and he doesn’t hurt kids. Feeling bad Claire and Phil invite him in but he doesn’t come in. Seeing that Luke may be right and he is a kind, friendly old man and they judged him too quickly they accept him being a family friend. Since Mark was still in love with Lexie, he recruited Jackson and bribed him with surgery in exchange for information about Lexie.

They fantasized about how they would get married and have kids, specifically a sister and two brothers, as siblings for Sofia. Mark said she couldn’t die, as they were supposed to end up together. She then succumbed to her injuries, and a crying Mark closed her eyes with his one hand as he kept on holding her hand in his other hand. Seconds later, Meredith and Cristina appeared and they mourned her death together. In Wizards Exposed, the Russo Family are taken by the government who knows they are wizards. The exposition of wizardry was predicted in the 16th episode of season 2, “Future Harper”, where H.J.

Lexie, with tears in her eyes, spills the beans to Jackson about how Mark has left her behind once again and does not care about how she feels. Jackson decides not to tell Mark because he dating KoreanCupid feels like Lexie told him this in good faith. On Halloween, Jo tried to scare Alex while he was getting ready for work but he was too occupied with his meeting with investors that day.

Later, Jo told him she freaked out not because of him but because she didn’t know anything about her genome and her biological parents’ medical history, so she decided to have her genome examined. Jo and Alex took Helen with them to the hospital to show her around. She had been knitting baby hats ever since Alex told her they wanted kids. Before heading into back-to-back meetings, he asked Bailey to cover the ER. She commented she was counting down the 22 days before she could stop taking orders from him.

In Wizards Exposed, the Russos are taken by the government who knows they are wizards. The family tries not to tell them anything but Justin spills after thinking he is saving the world. Mason is later captured, after tring to help the Russos, as well as other wizards. Alex, Mason and the other Russos escape but have a lot of walking to do in order to get home. When the fourth season starts, the Russos have just arrived back at the sub station. Alex thinks exposing wizards will make people want to save them from the government.